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By Rebecca Platta

Posted on 2010-04-02
"I think that Express Home Services did great work on our home. However, it got off to a rocky start. The workers showed up at our home the wrong day not once but twice. But once the schedule situation was remedied, it was smooth sailing. If Express Home Services can guarantee this issue won't be a repeat offense then we will definitely use them again."
  • Response: Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. We're glad that despite the minor issues you are satisfied with our service. We hope you call us again for future work.

By Tracy Singleton

Posted on 2010-04-01
"We hired Express Home Services to do some basic renovations on our home. While they were very efficient in their work, they were also inconsistent. For example, the first day they showed up on time, but the next day the workers were almost an hour late. Also, one of the workers accidentally broke the leg off of a table. They did fix it, but it took them almost two days to get it right. We do like the work that Express Home Services conducted, we just expected less problems."
  • Response: We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you or your household, and we hope that you are satisfied enough to use our services for future home renovation needs.

By Michael J. Davis

Posted on 2010-02-26
"Express Home Services did a great job with our home renovations. However, the name says it all...they were definitely speedy. We actually had a slight problem because the workers consistently showed up too early, a couple times so early that we were still sleeping! However, once we mentioned something to them they arrived on time, and the project was finished nicely."
  • Response: Thanks for the feedback! While we never have had any complaints about workers being too early, we can definitely understand the annoyance it may have caused you and your family. We're glad the situation was remedied and that you are satisfied with our work.

By Michelle Lyons

Posted on 2010-01-05
"We hired Express Home Services to do some renovations on the inside of our new house. At first, everything was good. The workers showed up on time, were very efficient about the work and cleaned up nicely after themselves. The project took awhile and there were some days when we barely remembered they were there! However, after they finished the job, packed up and left, we noticed grout stains on the new tile floor and a few spots on our living room carpet. We were shocked since the work was done so efficiently! However, when we called the contractor to complain he remedied the situation right away. He sent someone the next day to clean the floors and carpets, free of charge. With the exception of the stains, everything else was done to our satisfaction and we enjoy our new renovations!"
  • Response: We are glad you are satisfied with the renovations, even though there were some initial issues. We hope that you continue to use our services for any future home repairs you may have.

By Cindy Lancaster

Posted on 2010-06-22
"We hired Express Home Services to work on our house. The job was supposed to be completed in 2 days. By the afternoon of the second day they were only halfway through. The contractor called us and said it would take about another week to finish it (if we wanted it up to standard). As you can imagine, my husband and I were less than happy with that news. After further discussions the contractor was able to bring in some extra help and it only took an extra day and a half. Even though the work took longer than expected, it was completed beautifully and there was no extra charge for the additional workers. Our house now looks beautiful!"
  • Response: So sorry for the inconvenience we may have caused you. We are very happy that the situation was remedied and hope that you have enough confidence in our services to use us again for future home renovation needs. Please continue to use this site to voice your feelings and opinions about our business.

By Angela Jennings

Posted on 2010-04-02
       "Like many of you, I did my homework and found both good and bad reviews. I was very concerned with buying flooring from Express, but felt it was still in my best interest to hear them out. So, I took the time to collect multiple bids and met with a total of 5 different companies including Express. Because their offer was 20% less than the others, and security of the lifetime warranty, I decided to take a chance and give them the shot. This has turned into one of the best decisions for remodeling I have ever made in my house!"
       First off...everyone I was in contact with, from the phone representatives to the design consultant that met with my husband and I were amazing! But the proof was in the craftsmanship of the installation team. The installers were right on time, they moved my furniture as if it were their own, tore out the old flooring and removed it without incident, and meticulously laid down my new flooring. I felt the floor turned out SPECTACULAR, and my guests a few days later said "WOW...YOUR FLOOR LOOKS AWESOME! WHO DID THE WORK?" I am proud to say, Express Flooring and have told some friends about my experiences as well since then. My experiences throughout the entire process are in stark contrast to the negative things written about you online! Thank you Express for a wonderful job, tremendous service, & incredible cost savings! Your customer for life, Angela Jennings
  • Response: Thank you for the kind words Mrs. Jennings! It was a pleasure serving you!
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