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What is Express Home Services Sucks?

This site is a place where consumers can share their experiences about Express Home Services. While I am sure they hope every experience with their services are positive....Well they just aren't. Express Home Services claims 100% Satisfaction for their customers. They also claim

"We are a company committed to integrity and customer service and will do whatever we can to make your experience positive."
then they go on to say
"we encourage our consumers to always be respectful when submitting their reviews. Often, we require authors to file only truthful, honest reports; however, we cannot guarantee that all reports are valid or correct."

So Please submit your comments, suggestions, frustrations. If that won't work give them a call. 1-800-EXPRESS

That is the purpose of this site. I plan to have any customer with complaints or thinks this company sucks to voice their opinion here. Hopefully the company will see the site and choose to do the right thing and fix all of our complaints. I have also set up the comments section to go straight to the company, so they will get every complaint filed here. Straight to the company, straight to the source, straight to the point! So join in, comment here or on any page and the complaint will be sent directly to the company. Lets get heard!

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